Baby Bump At The End Of The Rainbow

Baby Bump At The End Of The Rainbow

My wifey reinvented herself as the SL Rainbow Brite…all she needs is a unicorn friend!

What’s Dimplez & Dollz Approved:

Skin: I’m Naturally Sl Blessed

Shape: I’m Naturally Sl Blessed

Shorts-*Flawless* Yellow Shorts

Top-…:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… Halter Top Pack Purple

Bra-*HolliPocket* String Kinis-Set 4

Collar *winks*

Socks-HolliPocket-Stalk Me Stalkings-Rainbow

Hair-.:pr!tty – Shayla

Jewelry Set: *HolliPocket* Pearlie Girlies Jizz Pearl Bracelet/Ankle

Makeup-.:[PF] Glossy Pout Lipsticks
MONS / Makeups – Eyeliner So Cute

Hands & Feet: Slink

Nail Polish: Slink Nail Polish-Butterfly

Henna Tattoo-o – [] Hand Applier Tattoo – Henna Series 3

Horns-+Half-Deer+ Aventine Horns – Kraken RARE

Drunk Off Of Baby Love

Drunk Off Of Baby Love

Baby have me up all night, love, love…
Baby have me up all night, love, love…

What’s Dimplez & Dollz Approved:

Skin: I’m Naturally Sl Blessed

Shape: I’m Naturally Sl Blessed

Hands: Slink

Ears: UnisexMandala Steking Ears

Hair: Sugarsmack

Collar: *winks*

Shirt: Maternity Top Mesh L3

Pants:Hucci Shoshanna Denim

Bracelets: {Indyra} Indy&Co: Mackenna Bangle

Ring: Personalized 6 Letters Platinum

Wedges: .:LoLa.: Assasins Wedged Heel Sneakers

Tattoo: Luas Henna


How does alcohol affect my unborn baby?

If you drink alcohol when you’re pregnant, the alcohol crosses the placenta into the bloodstream of the unborn baby and could interfere with how it grows and develops. In the absence of its own blood filtering system, the foetus is unprotected from any alcohol molecules that cross from the mother’s blood.

Alcohol can cause damage to an unborn baby at all stages of pregnancy. Drinking during pregnancy has been associated with:

  • miscarriage (over 9,000 women are admitted to hospital every year for miscarriages caused by alcohol [NHS Information Centre Hospital Admission data])
  • low birth weight
  • heart defects
  • learning and behavioural disorders

The most severe of the alcohol-related conditions (which is normally due to heavy drinking in pregnancy) is Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). It causes: 

  • facial deformities
  • problems with physical and emotional development
  • poor memory or a short attention span

A wider range of intellectual and physical disabilities than those seen in FAS and partial FAS-like syndromes occur in babies born to mothers who drank alcohol at some time in the pregnancy. These are commonly grouped together under the umbrella term Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD).

While these effects attributed to alcohol are still more common in heavier drinkers, the problems also seem to happen at much lower drinking levels than seen for FAS.

It is not yet clear whether there is any small amount of drinking in pregnancy that might be completely safe from the risk of FASD. Therefore, pregnant women are advised to avoid all alcohol during pregnancy. 

FASD and FAS-related disabilities carry on into adulthood, and because those effects due to drinking alcohol would have been completely prevented if the mother had not drunk during pregnancy, it is considered important to take a precautionary approach in advising on risk.