Advice, Opinions, Naysayers & Then There’s Us…

Advice, Opinions, Naysayers & Then There's Us...

Listening to those around you may lead you with alot of sound advice. However sound advice can also lead you to tweeting words like: #boyfriendshirtnhisjeans, #stainedtee, #slippersnjoggingpants, #runningtowalmart and my best one ever #pregnantdontjudgeme! Before giving you the eyeballs and that look…you know that look 0.- let me say that being pregnant is not an excuse to look less than dimpled and doll approved. The baby to be should not be the only one expecting pinched cheeks *winks* and pats on the tushie *smirks*. Ladies you can wear the basic stretchy leggings, cami tee, tennis shoes, flats and join #teamfrumpy or you can take our advice and earn your three snaps and #dimplezndolledup tag. Snap…Snap…Snap…simply pregnant and fabulous living our second lives!


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